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An equivalent of 20,000 sit ups for 30 minutes sitting time? Yes please!


An equivalent of 20,000 sit ups for 30 minutes sitting time? Yes please!

We were lucky enough to be invited to the EMSCULPT launch in the UK, a new procedure, and the first of its kind, to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat.


Treatments have already been carried out on thousands of patients in the US, so we were excited to test out the new technology.

After only one session you can already see a difference. My stomach was more toned and shaped, I can only imagine what the results would look like if I did the full recommended treatment package of four sessions over two weeks.

The procedure is only carried out on the buttocks and stomach at the moment, but I believe this could benefit all areas, which I am sure EMSCULPT are working on to become available.

Current non-invasive body shaping therapies address fat and skin, but what is the answer for those wanting to burn fat AND build/tone muscle? – We think it’s EMSCULPT. With each session said to be equivalent to 20,000 squats or sit-ups depending on the treated area, this not only works on getting rid of fat, it also works on the muscle which is ideal for anyone wanting a more athletic appearance.

Taking only half an hour per session, no downtime, and hardly any pain, we find this treatment phenomenal.

Although the procedure sounds fantastic and we can vouch for it, it isn’t for those on lower salaries. At £700 per session and as mentioned, the recommended four sessions for the complete treatment – this will put you back by £2800 (prices may vary from clinic to clinic). But if money ‘ain’t a thang’, go for it! EMSCULPT is revolutionary, guaranteeing you to see some amazing results!

Words : @TheRubyMaeMoore

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