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#AmorsBookClub: The Time in Between

Amors Book Club, The TIme InBetween


#AmorsBookClub: The Time in Between


Well hello there, welcome back to #AmorsBookClub, are you keeping up with our reading list? Or perhaps you’ve read something which we haven’t mentioned yet if so let us know over on Twitter! 

So far in this series, we’ve had a historical book and a romance novel, but this week it’s time for a bit of non-fiction.  

My bookshelf used to be filled with works of fiction from fantasy to romance to travel to history, they all transported me to an imaginary world. So, when I sat down to read this fortnights book, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. 

This weeks book may maybe hard to read for some people. 

This book: The Time in Between by Nancy Tucker  

Praised for not being another misery memoir, Nancy Tucker writes in an open and beautiful way about her eating disorder. 

Instead of making you feel sad or uncomfortable about the honest representation of an eating disorder. Nancy brings you into her world and allows you to journey with her through her eating disorder. 

We see how it starts, manifests, changes and repeats.  

Nancy is the only named character. She is our protagonist and talks us through her disorder. We never truly understand how her family and friends feel about her illness, but we see them through her hazy eyes. 

Despite other characters not being named, we feel like we know them. Mother is a sad woman, who simply doesn’t understand why her child won’t eat. Father is trying to keep everything calm but inside is starting to crack. Sister is jealous and doesn’t understand why she can’t do everything she wants to just because Nancy doesn’t want to eat. 

I use the phrase ‘doesn’t want to eat’ lightly. This is because – as you’ll discover when you read this – there is so much more to an eating disorder than simply not eating. 

We learn how it affects the mind as well as the body. And most importantly, we learn how a person can change one day and then decide that no more will they starve their body.  

Of course, it’s not just her but the people around her. Nancy’s friends play an important role in this story. They all have to watch her suffer, they try and help but it falls on deaf ears. So, they start to grow distant and disappear.  

Movies and TV shows tend often to glamorize eating disorders, focusing on the way it destroys and changes your body and mentally beats down the individual and those around them. 

This book doesn’t do that.  

The Time in Between, truly is a beautiful piece of writing, exploring the dark side of eating disorders and being incredibly careful not to promote the illness. 

Next book: Loch Darnock: The Kiss and The Curse by Ri Adams 

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