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#AmorsBookClub: Lochdarknock, The Kiss and The Curse

Amors Book Club continues


#AmorsBookClub: Lochdarknock, The Kiss and The Curse


Hello, hello and welcome back to another bi-weekly book review!
If it’s your first time here then let me take a moment to fill you in on what Amors Book Club is all about.
Every 2 weeks we post about what book we are loving or loathing at the moment to try and get more of you to step away from your electronic devices (unless you read on a kindle) and take a few moments for yourself to dive into another world.
With the housekeeping out of the way, lets get onto this weeks book.

Lochdarknock: The Kiss and The Curse

This week’s book was a slightly different one for me as I’ve never read anything from a man’s perspective. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to follow.
Due to starting this book just before bed – when I was pretty much already asleep – I found it to be a bit difficult to follow, but once I got into it, it got good.
The story is set in Scotland and written from the point of our persona Bill. He alongside Jenny Monroe and Gil Delany work to uncover the truth behind the so-called ‘curse of the Lochdarnocks’.
This book combines the present with the past, set in WW1 when the Lochdarnocks were all still alive.
The aim of the tale? Find out why Jenny Monroe looks so much like Lady Lochdarnock.
Along the way, they uncover plenty of other twists and tales. Including retired history teacher Bill facing health problems and a potential romance in the air.
The story is split between the modern day and WW1, with many references made to the war and affect it had on those involved.
Lochdarnock is, arguably, one of the most important characters. The house carries with it secrets of betrayal, homosexuality and hidden children.
While this book may not be my usual cup of tea, I did enjoy sitting down with a coffee and uncovering some more of the story. It’s definitely not an easy read to get into, but once you’ve got past the first few chapters, it’s hard to put down.
If you’re looking for something different to try then give this one a go.

Next book: Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee

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