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#AmorsBookClub – Joyful by Ingrid Fetel Lee



#AmorsBookClub – Joyful by Ingrid Fetel Lee


This week we are taking a turn, away from biographies and romcoms to something slightly more real. Joyful is our book this fortnight.

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Now, for a bit a of joy.

This Book: Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness by Ingrid Fetel Lee

This book is unlike anything we’ve reviewed so far, and unlike anything, I’ve ever read. This is technically a ‘self-help’ book, a term I use very lightly.

At its core, it’s about Joy, but unlike other books which grip you and make you not want to put them down, this one has an easy reading nature and can be picked up, put down, opened at a new chapter and it doesn’t matter.

As stated in the introduction, you can literally read any chapter in any order and it won’t make a difference, however, the author would prefer you read it in the order it’s printed.

For me, this is a typical ‘coffee table book’, of course, there is nothing wrong with that. It’s a great book to read over breakfast or pick up while you’re waiting for dinner to finish cooking.

The way Ingrid explores the concept of Joy can seem somewhat overwhelming, while for many of us Joy may seem a bizarre concept to want to explore the way this book studies it reflects the knowledge that actually it’s quite a simple idea.

Joy can be found everywhere, it’s just a case of discovering what you find joyful. Colour for me is what stood out in this book.

Colour is a simple concept, and of course, we all know colours have meanings, but the colours we choose to surround ourselves with can impact our emotions. For example, after reading this, I decided to go out and buy an orange raincoat.

It was pouring down with rain one day and I put my coat on and headed out, despite it being cold and the rain pouring, I felt somewhat happy. People did look at me yes, but they didn’t look disgusted, they looked happy.

The brilliant thing about this book is how it can make you reflect on your own life and your own outlook on joy. Joy doesn’t have to be purchased and isn’t only for those wealthy enough to enjoy it. Joy can be found everywhere in everyone.

Joyful was gifted for this review but all opinions are the writers own. Joyful is available to pre-order on Amazon and is released on the 4th of September.

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