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#AmorsBookClub: Billy and Me


#AmorsBookClub: Billy and Me


Welcome back to another Book Club meeting (can we call this a meeting?) this week we are stepping away from the historical novel that was The Miniaturist and diving into something far more light-hearted. 

But before we got too far, how did you get on reading The Miniaturist? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the book, simply tweet us #AmorsBookClub with your views on The Miniaturist – or in fact any book you’re reading at the moment. 

So let’s take a look at what’s on the coffee table this week shall we? 

This book: Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher 

If you’re a rom-com fan, then you will LOVE this. It ticks all the boxes. Quote couple, check. A girl who is kind of average, check. A boy who is stunning, check. An unusual way to fall in love, check. Some dramatic turn of events to possibly throw everything, of course, check. 

This book was read within a week, there is something strangely addictive about it. The way it’s written is reminiscent of a movie, the descriptive language draws you in and you find yourself unable to stop until you know what happens to Sophie and Billy. 

We are first introduced to the little town of Rosefront Hill and one of its main residents – Sophie May. She is a young girl, working in a teashop under the supervision of Molly. One day in strolls a stunning boy, he buys a drink and sits trying to learn his lines. 

He comes in often but rarely speaks to Sophie. However, one day when she has a slight incident in the teashop, he helps her and BOOM love story begins. 

While I am a sucker for romance books, there was something about Sophie which just found me wanting to go into the book and yell at her ‘HE LOVES YOU, YOU IDIOT’. She fails to be a strong female in a world when we seem to be searching for them. 

However, Molly fills this gap perfectly. She is an older woman, working as a mentor to Sophie, supporting her through everything, telling her when she’s being stupid and encouraging her to follow her dreams and go for it with Billy. 

Speaking of Billy, he is, of course, written to be a stunner. He is a movie star, who got his break as a teen but now wants to branch off into bigger things. 

While I understand this is meant to be a rom-com, I do at times feel that in fact, Billy’s life is slightly more important than Sophies. While she is a character to be sympathised with; Billy is her first real love, she’s gone through a lot as a child and is just starting to recover and be herself again. She can also be slightly overdramatic. 

Which can be hard, given that she is in a relationship with a drama kid. Billy is a strong force, supporting Sophie at every opportunity. Even at one point proclaiming on live television how much he loves her. 

Billy is a true classic romance character. He is in love with an ordinary girl, not from his acting world but from the normal world.  

This book is for all intents and purposes, a perfect easy summer read. It fits all the romance boxes, it’s addictive to read, with humour, heartache and happiness all rolled into one. 

Next book: The Time in Between by Nancy Tucker 

Amy Jo

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