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Amor speaks with Teedra Moses


Amor speaks with Teedra Moses

We recently caught up with the one and only singer, songwriter and all around golden soul, Teedra Moses over the phone regarding her upcoming concert in Electric Brixton this March 2017.

After a quick introduction and some friendly chit chat, I got in straight with the questions!

Tara: “Hi Teedra, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us at Amor. We’re really looking forward to your concert here in March at The Electric in Brixton. You’ve toured a lot and have a wealth of experience in different types of shows and settings. What do you prefer to perform with? A big band or a simple acoustic set.”

TM: “It kinda depends on the venue. If it’s a big venue then definitely a big band. I like the energy it brings to me and pushes out.  I can give it back to the crowd. In smaller venues, then it would be a small acoustic set up. It feels more intimate and I’m able to connect more to the audience.”

Tara: “It must feel great to have fans singing your songs back to you, especially as you are known for penning them yourself. Which song/s do you enjoy performing the most and which song/s are you most proud of writing yourself and why?”

TM: “I enjoy performing ‘Backstroke’ the most. I feel that’s always a crowd favourite. In terms of writing, Shirley’s Song (Complex Simplicity, 2004) and No Regrets (Cognac & Conversation, 2015) are my favourites because I feel it reflects the heaviness of my emotions at the time and my recovery from it.”

Tara: “So they were taken from your own experiences? Would that be a tip for aspiring song writers out there?”

TM: “Writing comes from a range of things, writing from what you know, writing about your desires, your fantasies. It should be a digestion and your own regurgitation of the situation.”

Tara: “Definitely, some great advice and I’m sure the Amorelles are inspired to write songs or poetry now! I know I am! What can we expect from your new music?”

TM: “I would say straight, real R&B. Melodic with some great chords and harmonies. Something in the influence of sounds from Jimmy Jam’s songs for Janet Jackson. Something that makes people sing along to long drives, songs that make people fall in love.”

Tara: Definitely sounds like my cup of tea!! We’re all so excited to see you live and up close. What can we expect from your upcoming show in March?

TM: “I’m excited to be back to! This time around, I want to bring some intimacy to the show. Like we’re all in my living room, kinda vibe. Sometimes I feel like I’m rushed but this time I want some parts to be slow paced, like good cooked food, the process of appreciating and savouring it from the look, the smell. I want to bring good, infectious vibes. I want people to walk away feeling nursed!”

Tara: That sounds like bliss!! Now, We know you’ve been here before in London, but are there any places in particular you’d like to visit apart from the usual tourist places?

TM: “I’m a real fan of street art, I think it’s the most creative and free form of art expression. I’d like to go see some of those and take a day to take those in.”

Tara: Well, I’m sure we can help you out with that! I’m sure some Amorelles will have ideas of where to take you for some great street art!

TM: “Would love to get some ideas!”

Tara: We’ll get some comments in and make it happen! Thank you again for your time and we look forward to your show at the Electric Brixton, Sunday 12th of March 2017.

TM: “Thank you. See you then.

You heard it here first! Comment below and tag us on places of great street art for Teedra Moses to visit while on her tour here in London!”

Words : Tara Lopez, Music Editor

Ticket price: £26.50 plus booking fee. Tickets click here. | FB Event Page | For press requests contact [email protected].

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