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Amor Magazine Meets Ta’Shan


Amor Magazine Meets Ta’Shan





The Indian-Swiss singer Ta’shan has brought a fresh empowering sound this year with the release of singles such as ‘Foodie’ and ‘Comfie’. The unique sound can be described as a fusion of R&B, reggaeton and dancehall with an Indian twist. Amor Magazine caught up with Ta’shan to find out more about the woman behind the music. 

How would you describe your music?
I would say it‘s empowering and spicy!

Tell us about your latest single ‘Foodie’

‘Foodie’ means a lot to me as growing up I always felt the need to lose weight in order to be pretty. Over the past few years I have learned to embrace my body and its flaws. I have accepted the fact that I am not made to be skinny! I love food! And I don‘t see why I shouldn’t? Of course it is important to always be healthy and keep fit, but these changes can take time and in the meantime it doesn’t help anybody to be sad or frustrated about the current situation! I try to enjoy every moment in my life. ‘Foodie’ is the outcome of my acceptance of my own body and my love of good food!

You have released empowering anthems such as ‘Foodie’ and ‘Comfie’ what inspires your music? 
Life in general! Everything I stand for goes into my music, so I write about everyday situations that I relate to. I feel a lot of women nowadays pressure themselves too much. ‘Comfie’ and ‘Foodie’ are both songs that say “it‘s ok to be you and it‘s ok to feel good the way you are!“ The thrive for perfection is unreal but I love to see women and men being unapologetically themselves and feel comfie and enjoy being foodies.

What songs are currently on your playlist?
Rosalía – ‘Malamente’
Louis Baker – ‘Addict’
DaniLeigh – ‘Lil BeBe’

Who would you like to collaborate with?
Collaborating with Drake, DJ Khaled and J Balvin would be incredible! There are also some great UK artists I’d love to work with at the moment, particularly J Hus or Kojo Funds.

What artists do you admire? 
Alicia Keys
Musiq Soulchild
Bob Marley
Amy Winehouse
Missy Elliott

What makes you feel empowered?

Seeing other women being themselves no matter what!

Women are often pitted against each other in the music industry. How has your journey been coming up as a woman in the music industry?
I guess being a woman has its advantages and it has its disadvantages! We are often compared to each other by industry and media, even when there is no issue between the artists directly. It’s almost as though people want to create some drama. For me it has always been easy to connect with people and I think that has made my journey easier. I am happy to see other women win and it encourages me as an artist to never stop!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Always push as hard as you can!

What impact would you like to make with your music?

I would like to make people happy and feel good about themselves! I want my music to be heard by young and old!

What’s next for Ta’Shan?
I’m heading off to New York to shoot the video for ‘Foodie’ which I’m so excited about!

Words: @gyallikeannie 

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