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Amor Magazine Meets Stephanie Sounds


Amor Magazine Meets Stephanie Sounds


Amor Magazine meets Stephanie Sounds

The East – London Songstress Stephanie Sounds has released her soulful folk single, ‘Hiding Away’  off of her new album ‘Much Better’. As well as killing it on the mic, Stephanie also is an up and coming fashion designer, and has launched her clothing brand, ‘SO London Boutique’(, which makes trendy and edgy fashion using African prints. Amor Magazine caught up with Stephanie to find out more about the girl with THAT voice.


Tell us about your new single Hiding Away 

Hiding Away was written when I was feeling quite tired of often being hurt by people I cared about. Friends who turned out to have other agendas that were not in my best interests. So because of those experiences I put a wall up to try to protect myself from that happening again.


Tell us a bit about your journey into music?

My journey into music was birth! Haha! I am privileged to be born into a musical family with strong foundations in church. My parents Bazil Meade and Andrea Encinas always encouraged creativity whether though music or dance. I was born into The London’s Community Gospel Choir of which my dad is the leader, so the love of music was always really strong.

Where do you get your inspiration for your songs?

Life is my inspiration. Allowing my feelings and emotions to flow freely into melodies.


How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as warm and healing. Writing this album was very therapeutic and I hope it can also serve that purpose to whoever listens 

You are also a fashion designer, what inspired you to do this? 

I’ve always loved clothes and cutting things up from when I was a kid. Fashion another form of self expression. A few years ago my mum brought me back some gorgeous fabric from Gambia and I just had to make something from it but didn’t know how. So a friend started me off on my sewing journey and the love has continued. 

Who are your musical inspirations?

Over the years my tastes have changed so much but all the influences have left their mark on me. I loved Faith Evans as Mary J Blige, Lauryn Hill  and most 90s RnB growing up. Along with Gospel artists like Yolanda Adams and The Winans that was my foundation. I went through my Jazz phase and my Metal phase  but my most consistent inspiration over the years has been Sade. She’s my queen!! 

Who would be your dream collaboration? 

Sade of course! That would be everything! 

Do you feel you have faced any challenges as a black female artist in the UK music industry?

Yes of course. The industry is really quick to box you up and make it seem like you can only sing Gospel, RnB or hip-hop when non black artists can do whatever they like. Black female artists just aren’t given the same platform and opportunities as non black artist even when singing the same music.

We are all about women empowerment here at Amor Magazine, what makes you feel empowered? 

Being true to myself and walking in my purpose. It’s easy to be guarded and protect yourself from being hurt, or try to change yourself so you can fit in, but doing that never really makes you happy because it doesn’t feel natural. Be who you are you. Be yourself whatever that means.

What songs are currently on your playlist? 

Recently I’ve been listening to Jade Novah. Her song ‘Wild Things’ really resonates with me. I love Toni Braxton’s New album ‘Sex and Cigarettes’

What legacy would you like to leave as an artist? 

That it’s ok to feel. To be honest about your feelings. A lot of people are living in despair trying to be someone they are not and denying themselves their truth. I always say it’s not about perfection it’s about honesty

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