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Amor Magazine Meets Ni-Si


Amor Magazine Meets Ni-Si

Ni-si is an upcoming singer- songwriter who found her passions at the age of 4 when she began to take part in school plays and church. As a teen Ni-si began to master her craft and moved into production and songwriting. We caught up with Ni-si to find out more about her debut single and who she is an artist.
Who is Ni-si as an artist?
A fun -loving, outgoing yet super reflective woman who is passionate about telling my story and the story of other women.
Describe your new single ‘Hello Hi’?
A feel-good song about going for what you want in life. Say ‘hello hi’ to that new man you want, more money, greater satisfaction in life! Everything!
Your new single talks about making the first move when approaching a guy, how important do you think it is for ladies to make the first move?
I think it’s important for women to be brave enough to make their feelings for a guy be known. Sometimes we miss out on great relationships because neither person was brave enough to make that move. So I think it is kind of important. And if you are rejected, push on…yes and no are both part of life!
How does it feel releasing your debut single and what was the process leading up to this? 
It feels amazing! The process took longer than expected and challenged me in every way! You sometimes feel like giving up but I’m happy I stuck with it. I feel like now I’ve started, I’ve been given more energy and motivation to continue.
You were born in Zambia, do you feel your background influences your music at all?
Definitely! I love guitar and heavy bass lines! Both of which you find in Zambian music. Also, just my love of music and the feel-good vibe you get from it is definitely linked to my background. Music was a staple in my home growing up.
How did you get your start in music?
Haha Church! I know it’s cliche but it’s the truth! I sang in nativities from about the age of 3, then the choir, then was in a girl group in my teens, then when solo in my late teens.
Your music has been described as ‘millenial magic’  can you expand on what this means to you?
My music talks about a lot of the beauty and complexity of growing up as part of the millenial generation. We grew up on the internet and are setting our own standards for adulthood. A new type of adulthood lived in social media land. Consider my music a soundtrack for that.
What artists/ performers do you draw inspiration from? 
Ohhh soo many: Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Destiny Child, H.E.R, SZA, Ella Mai, Usher, Tank…I could go on forever!
Are there any collaborations in the horizon?
Definitely! But that would be telling 🙂
Take us through the process of writing a song?
Sometimes the melody and the words come to me at random as I go about my business. Other times I dedicate a period of time to writing. I will find a beat that I like and just have it on replay and see what comes to mind. Then I will write the first draft, refine and refine some more.
Is there an album in the works?
What does the future hold for Ni-Si? 
More live shows, more single releases and visuals. Generally sharing more of who I am with my #NisiNation family and the music I love.
You can listen to Ni-Si’s new single Hello, Hi here 

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