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Amor Magazine Meets Eldé 


Amor Magazine Meets Eldé 

Contemporary R&B/Neo-soul Singer/Songwriter Eldé  discovered her ability to sing at the age of 10 after attending the Barbara Speake Stage School. In 2016 she released her first EP REAL‘. She then went on to release her EP last year titled ‘ABOUT US’.  Eldé is also the founder of #DAUPCOMIN a platform which aspires to inspire emerging artists, like herself to showcase their talents. After recently releasing her new single ‘Whatchu Want’ Amor Magazine caught up with Eldé to find out more about the talented soulstress.
Tell us about your new single Whatchu Want’
Whatchu want – is the typical boy meets girl story, and the girl is trying to figure out what it is they both want.  She speaks about there confused state of minds in a metaphoric way. 
Who are your musical inspirations?
 My musical inspirations are Jill Scott, Eryka badu, Florence and the Machine, Amy Winehouse. 
 Tell us about #DAUPCOMIN and your inspiration behind setting this up?
I believe that as an upcoming artist, there should be a consistent platform there in order for you to grow. And I was sure about my direction at the time, I knew I wanted to be an artist so I started the platform not only to give myself the consistency but to cater to others. And they believed and that was DAUPCOMIN’
How have you grown musically since the release of your debut EP ‘REAL’ 
 The growth is real LOL. I knew I could sing but I didn’t really know my sound I was dibble dallying in and out of everything I could do. I now know my sound through and through. 
 What have been your highlights and challenges of  your musical journey so far? 
My highlights so far have been almost every performance I’ve done. It’s like the birth of something new you meet a new audience and create a new relationship. Recently was Lovebox festival when I performed with jungle brown that was really something. 
Which artists in the UK would you like to collaborate with?
 I’d like to collaborate with Nines, Mo stack, Nolay, Ms banks, Tion Wayne …  so hopefully I’ve just put that into the universe 😬
 What songs are currently on your playlist? 
Whatchu want! , Dancing with a stranger, Needed time, Options 
What’s next for Eldé? 
 I’m working carefully on my next feature making sure I’ve got the correct sounds and channelled the correct energies. This project is to be called ‘Metaphoric state of mind’. I’ll be doing performances throughout the summer … who knows headline show end of the year maybe?! 

‘Watchu Want’ is available to stream and download on ALL major music platforms here.You can follow Elde on Instagram and Twitter 

Words: @gyallikeannie 

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