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Amor Magazine Meets Cherri V


Amor Magazine Meets Cherri V


The brown eyed beaut that is Cherri V, has been working the UK music industry with her soulful vocals for a minute now. Hot after releasing her highly anticipated 8-track EP  Brown Eyed Brown Eyed Soul Vol. 1 .  Amor Magazine caught up with Cherri V to get the latest on her new EP and being an RnB artist in the UK music industry.

How would you describe your new EP Brown Eyed Soul Vol. 1? 


 What is your favourite track off of your EP and why? 

At the moment it’s ‘Lock/Down Prisoner’ Produced by XVR BLCK – I love how XVR thinks sonically and he allows me to be free in my creative space…. he’s DEFFO a producer to watch out for! I felt like I was a little bit of a rapper on this one too lol.

 How do you feel you have evolved as an artist? 

My song-writing has improved I believe…. I’m more comfortable in my skin, with my views and just being ME. I used to apologise for being an RnB Artist before, but now I relish in it. Also more confident styling myself and wearing more natural protective hairstyles.

What inspires you as an artist? 

Real life, emotions, my deepest darkest feelings… situations around me and most of all the highs and lows of LOVE.

How is it like being an R&B artist in the UK music industry?

Right now its a whole lot better than ever I think…. I’m hearing playlists full of U.K RnB and I LOVE IT! I love the fact that the artists are not afraid to use their English accents too! We’re in a good place man!

 What is your definition of success and do you believe you have reached this? 

I’m terrible.. I have what they call destination addiction! I cant rest! I’m always thinking about the next thing lol but I must say, I do feel a little bit of success When people connect to my lyrics and music and I’m refereed to as being relatable… because I’m so particular about my wording in songs, when people latch onto them, my heart is FULL!

I don’t believe I’ve reached my definition of success yet though…. I’m looking forward to performing my music in different territories and gaining more supporters.

Who would your dream collaboration be? 

I’d LOVE to work with Kendrick Lamar – I feel like he’d teach me something! He’s so wise and so talented a real innovator!

 There has been recent talks about the #metoo movement in the music industry what are your thoughts on this in the UK?

It’s terrible that it exists and I do wonder how many stories may surface in the U.K. Horrible when power is abused. I’ve had one or two producers overstep the mark verbally but unfortunately for them my ‘bark’ is very loud and the story and working relationship ended there.

If you could wave a magic wand what 3 things would you change about the music industry? 

I’d Eliminate colourism. I’d make sure talent took president over views. Lastly fairer percentages for artists to earn from sales/royalties in label situations.

 Here at Amor Magazine we are all about educating, empowering and uniting women, do you feel a sense of this with other female artists in the industry?  

 I’ve had sooo much support from fellow female artist and I’m grateful. I feel a sense of unity forming and it makes life and the music grind that much easier you know. I’m all for it!

What music are you currently loving?

Loving Angels new album ‘Woman’. Loving Kamille new single ‘Emotional’ and respect her journey as a songwriter – artist. Also addicted to Alex Isley EP ‘The Beauty Of Everything Pt 1’

 What’s next for Cherri V? 

Touring, Music Videos, gigs and Vol 2!

You can listen to Brown Eyed Soul Vol 1 here. And check out out more of Cherri V down below!

Cherri V – Situationship ft. Sincerely Wilson

Swimming ft. Roxxann


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