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Amor Magazine


Amor is a women’s lifestyle magazine aimed at the young woman.

We are a printed and online medium, allowing Amor to be accessed by young women all over the world!
The mag is released 6 times a year – every 2 months – February, April, June, August, October, December.
Our magazine is dedicated to the representation and promotion of real women.
Our main purpose is to unite and empower women by offering representation for everyone, regardless of; colour, height, shape or size. One of the overriding aims of Amor Magazine is to progress our readers by incorporating elements of personal development into our content and through featuring testimonies and articles of women making positive progress in their lives.
Another mission for Amor is to educate our readers by addressing issues and topics that many young women face, such as raising cultural awareness and discussing sociological matters.

Finally, Amor includes all the juicy features that are in the conventional magazine, such as; the latest fashion and beauty tips, agony aunt, health and lifestyle pages, interviews, films and music reviews…

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