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A Guide to Planning a Budget-Friendly Holiday


A Guide to Planning a Budget-Friendly Holiday

Nobody wants to feel restricted financially when they are trying to plan their ideal holiday, but unfortunately, how much you’re able to spend comfortably always must be considered when you’re planning a new trip. Having to make cutbacks or stick to a budget doesn’t mean that you must compromise, though hugely, and you can still have an amazing holiday, even when sticking to a strict budget.

Keep an Eye Out for Great Discounts

First things first: if you have a holiday destination in mind or a travel brand you prefer, always check whether there are any savings to be had with them. If you’re completely flexible regarding when and where you travel, then looking for general discounts will be a big help in narrowing down your search, as well as finding great deals for certain locations. Look for discounts with popular travel brands, such as a TUI discount code, so you can be sure to make good savings from the very beginning.

Avoid Paying for Guided Tours

Exploring a new place is exciting, and often tours are the easy option if youre looking to have everything arranged for you andhave an experienced guide who knows the best places to go and what theyre talking about.

However, with a little extra research and effort on your part, you can have the same experience and see the same locations without the added price tag of a guided group tour. It may be a little more daunting to do it this way, and it will take extra care and attention, but it will save you a lot of money overall.

Think Carefully About your Accommodation

If your holiday is going to see you taking part in a lot of activitiesand have you away from your accommodation for the majority of the day, then dont fall into the trap of spending a lot on more luxurious accommodation if youre barely going to be in it. If its simply a place to rest your head at night, consider budget-friendly and cheaper options like hostels or even camping.

For a lot of people, more luxurious accommodation can make or break a holiday, and thats fine if its what you want and if yourbudget allows for it, but if youre looking to save money seriously and your accommodation is one area youre willing to compromise on, then youll want to look at cheap and cheerful options which provide a bed and bathroom facilities.

Think About Your Local Area

When planning a trip abroad, youll find that what most eats away at your money is the travel costs, such as flights, airport transfer and all the extras which come with it, like staggeringly expensive airport food.

A holiday doesnt have to mean jet setting abroad – why not consider a budget-friendly staycation instead? This means you still have a great experience away from home, without wasting money on flights or other expensive travel investments.

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