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A Girl in Europe: Make Up


A Girl in Europe: Make Up


Something I’ve noticed a lot from wandering around Belgium, and indeed further afield is the make-up or lack there of, that women wear.

Before moving the Belgium I always ensured I had a full face of make up on before leaving my house, mostly out of fear of looking like a walking zombie but also because it’s a big part of our culture.

With programmes such The Only Way Is Essex and Geordie Shore often showcasing very made up women, the trend has made it’s way from the screen to the streets. But not across the Channel.

Instead, those in Europe tend to go for a more minimalist approach. They do their make-up in such a way that it looks as if they just woke up, not that they spend 30 minutes in front of the mirror examining and prodding their face from all angles.


Go for something light to give yourself a natural effect instead of an airbrushed look. I tend to use No7 Stay Perfect, pretty much use this because I am so pale and it’s the only brand that matches my skin but it’s also super natural and light. I apply with a beauty blender to make it look softer and use Rimmel 8hr+ primer to help it stay in place.



Keep this super subtle and low key, think a touch of bronzer and slick of highlighter. I use a light shimmer cream highlighter on my cheek bones to make my shine a little and dust a light cover of bronzer along the cheekbones to define without it standing out too much.


Keep this super minimal, most Europeans tend to opt solely for mascara and nothing too big just something to darken and lengthen the lashes slightly. If you want to go a step further play around with eyeliner, Collection 2000 do a great liquid liner which helps keep it minimal and is easy to apply.


Shock, they keep it natural. There are many cliches about French women wearing red lipstick but that tends to happen more in the movies and less on the street. If you are going out then you can always opt for a darker colour but avoid purples or dark red. Keep it scarlet or nude.

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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