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A Girl in Europe: Keeping it Sophisticated

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A Girl in Europe: Keeping it Sophisticated

When I first though about Europe I couldn’t help but picture scenes of drinking wine by the river and sipping cocktails in large squares or even tucking into a pastry after a morning of shopping.

However, one thing I didn’t really imagine was playing beer pong whilst drinking €3.20 wine from Lidl in the one bedroom flat of a Portuguese girl.

The morning after one of these evenings I sat up in bed cradling a coffee and began reliving the night before, and what I realised – once I got past the fuzzy bits – was that while yes, everyone was drinking, no one was making a fool out of themselves.

In the UK there tends to be a trend of people going out and drinking excessively to the point where Sunday mornings aren’t great to walk around the street (no one wants to smell puke on their morning walks). During those excessive drinking moments, there tends to be a lot of shouting and arguing and possibly even some fighting.

Now, I’m not saying that all Europeans are sophisticated when it comes to getting drunk, but, the many that I have encountered seem to have got drinking to a tee. So, if you are heading to a European city this summer here are my top tips to sophisticated drinking:

  • Look at the alcohol percentage; beer especially has a strong percentage here than in the UK so it’s important you take that into consideration before downing pint after pint.
  • Shots aren’t small; while in the UK when you ask for a shot it’s a standard small size, here it’s usually always a double or more.
  • Mixers aren’t always safe; I don’t mean this literally of course, but when ordering a mixer in the UK it’s usually 80% mixer and 20% alcohol, whereas out here it’s the opposite.
  • Take your own water; a lot of places don’t sell free tap water and often water is more expensive than beer so after you’ve had a few you may not want to pay more for water. Keep a small bottle on you at all times.

Happy drinking!

Words: Amy Jo Tayor

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