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A Girl in Europe; Germany’s Gem


A Girl in Europe; Germany’s Gem


Germany maybe known for beer drinkers and harsh language, but there is of course much more to it than that.

Often we stereotypes countries but as with everything, if we dig a little deeper then we may be able to find a few hidden gems.

For years I’ve wanted to go to Düsseldorf, it’s known for being a beautiful and fashionable city and it definitely did not disappoint.

My residence for the three days was Hotel Villa Achenbach, located just outside of the centre of the city, it was a beautiful old hotel with a filling breakfast buffet overlooking the flower filled garden.

Hop on the tram out of the hotel and you’ll venture into the city. With a large high street filled with high end shops from Louis Vuitton to Massimo Dutti.

Whilst window shopping (gawking at pretty shoes which cost more than 1 term of university) maybe fun for a bit, but soon it becomes slightly sad.

Feat not, Düsseldorf does have shops for the slightly smaller budgets with a few you may recognise including H&M and Zara. They also have some budget European stores which are well worth venturing into.

Once you’ve filled your shopping bags with new clothes, it’s time to think about feeding your belly.

Just outside of the centre you’ll find La Luce Duo, the top rated place to eat and at €38 for two mains, one starter and two beers it won’t break the bank.

Further into the centre you’ll find the worlds longest bar running alongside the canal. There are plenty of places to eat along here, but I’d recommend having something traditional and you’ll find this at Kasematten. €25.10 for two beers, Nuremberg sausage with sauerkraut and mash plus a schnitzel with salad and fries.

After eating and shopping end your day with a river side drink, you’ll find plenty of pubs located along the river. Or go further into Old Town to find stunning buildings with unique pubs.

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