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A Girl in Europe: A Foodies Paradise


A Girl in Europe: A Foodies Paradise


Whenever I told people I was moving to Belgium for a year I was always met with the same remarks. “Make sure you eat lots of chocolate”, “the beer is incredible try a different one a day” and “they enjoy eating horse” the last one has to be the most untrue. I am sure horse exists but it seems to be vacant from supermarkets.

The other two statements are incredibly true, but a beer a day doesn’t keep the doctor away. Chocolate and beer are two large exports in Belgium, Antwerp even has its own beer, bottles and brewed in the city.

Leonidas is a huge chocolatier in Belgium with 3 stores on Antwerps high street it is a incredibly popular tourist stop. As well as serving an array on chocolates they have chocolate cafes which serve freshly made hot cocoa.

Belgium of course is much more than chocolate, beer is also popular with beers available in all flavours including mango, cookie, chocolate and banana.

Mussels are incredibly popular in Antwerp, being a port city they have a lot of fresh fish delivered everyday including these delights. Belgium itself may not have a distinctive dish it takes influences from around the world to offer culinary options to the masses.

This being said, a Flemish stew is always a popular dish available in the Flemish region on Belgium which covers Antwerp this warming dish is filled with beef and veggies for a warming meal. A highly recommended dish if you visit that region.

Whilst I have sampled some incredibly tasty and healthy meals, one Belgian dish comes out top. Fries. Sure, every country has chips but Belgian fries win. If there is one thing I will miss when I head home it’s these bad boys I will miss. Maybe I could smuggle some in a suitcase?

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Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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