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8 ways to turn your mini break into a relaxing haven


8 ways to turn your mini break into a relaxing haven

Sometimes the thought of a holiday can cause more stress than excitement, particularly if you’re coordinating your family or friends’ schedules as well as organising yourself. Unless you are vacationing to a self-care retreat, you may be worried that you might not even get time for relaxing and escaping your hectic life, and it’s probably overdue for you to put yourself first. Even if you can only manage to steal a few days away from reality, make sure to embrace at least some of these self-care tips:

Have an hour of quiet each day

Or better yet, choose a destination away from traffic and city life to help reset your mind. If you’re away with loved ones, it’s a great idea to have an hour each day to yourself, whether that’s finding a walking route or having a lay in with no disruptions; this time is yours to enjoy.

Soak up the vitamin D

If you’re properly protected against the sun, it can give you a whole host of health benefits that aid your self-care. People who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder will benefit the most from spending time outside in the sun, however even in those darker months, getting outside while it’s daylight will also help to boost your mood and give you a boost of vitamin D.

Eat yourself happy

Within reason, take the time to indulge yourself. Eating and drinking for comfort is the perfect way to spend a holiday, so there’s no guilt in doing so for a week or two. Certain foods such as dark chocolate is proven to relieve pain and release the happy hormone, dopamine, into the body – so you get the same feeling as finishing a workout.

Digitally detox

Taking a step back from technology will help to connect with yourself and those around you. Take this time to disconnect from social media and work emails and enjoy a much simpler life – even if it’s only for a few days! Your future self will thank you.

Embrace the fresh air

When you’re choosing where to stay, try to avoid polluted cities and opt for a calmer environment to reflect how you would like to feel  cottages in the Cotwolds are an ideal escape, particularly if you’re looking to avoid people and busy areas! Rural getaways are perfect for workaholics and families that need to unwind and escape reality without noisy distractions waiting outside.

Relaxing haven

Get your heart racing

Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll on the beach or through the local town, a bit of exercise will have great cardiovascular effects on your body, as well as helping you to sleep better on an evening. If you have more time, a more vigorous workout like cycling or running will be equally effective and a great way to bond with your family or friends if you aren’t vacationing alone.

Bathe, rinse, repeat

The science of bathing has been studied for years and has amazing benefits for both the mind and body. It has been proven[1] to elevate your mood, help you to sleep better and relieve muscle pain as well as reducing blood pressure if you bathe regularly, which can even prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Be mindful

Being mindful can mean a host of different things to different people, so find something that works for you and your lifestyle. Going forward, take a bit of peace from your holiday, whether it comes from journaling, meditating or breathing slowly. These steps will help you to become a more positive and relaxed person.


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