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8 top tips on how to seduce your man from London’s West End burlesque dancer Miss Polly Rae


8 top tips on how to seduce your man from London’s West End burlesque dancer Miss Polly Rae

Well-known for bringing burlesque to London’s West End, multi-talented performer, chanteuse, compere and producer Miss Polly Rae is a true femme fatale. Polly has recently hosted multiple workshops at Coco de Mer, Soho’s luxurious erotic boutique, on how to be a true ‘seductress in the bedroom’ and would love to share with our Amorelles her must-know 8 tips.

1. Create A Welcoming EnvironmentEntice your guest into your ‘boudoir’ by creating a perfect setting. Sensual lighting, tempting fragrance, luxurious decor. Make them feel extremely comfortable and at home.

2. Provide A Pleasing VisualExude glamour from head to toe. Jaw-dropping lingerie, exquisite costuming that accentuates in all the right places, killer heels and a smile that weakens the knees. Make sure your choice of lingerie is easy to remove, no complicated hooks and eyes or ties.

3. Give Them Aural PleasureStimulate your audience with what they hear. Familiar melodies, provocative bass lines and outrageous lyrics. Don’t be afraid to speak to them, engage them. Tell them what you want and make them tell you what they want.

4. Play With Your CharacterAllow your inner seductress to come out through your character and personality. Commit to your persona and radiate confidence.

5. Look Deep Into Their EyesHypnotise and connect to your audience by catching their eye. Don’t be shy; hold their gaze. Use your eyes and movement to guide your audience to view what you want them to look at.

6. Undress To Impress!Once the environment, music, character and lingerie is set, it’s time to disrobe with confidence, sensuality and flair. Tempt and tease with your best assets. Remember to take your time, breathe and enjoy.

7. Keep Them On Their ToesKeep them guessing, avoid the obvious, create elements of surprise and go beyond expectations. Perhaps introduce a few adult lifestyle items…

8. Leave Them Wanting More

Arouse hope, desire and curiosity but don’t give it all away – some things are best left to the imagination. Tease them but leave them so desperate for next time that they arrange another date immediately.

There you have it Amorelles, try these out and let us know how you get on. Good luck! 🙂 XX

Miss Polly Rae is now starring in her self-produced show Between The Sheets at Underbelly Festival; a tantalising display of late-night cabaret acts performed by an exceptional troupe, hand-picked from the worlds of contemporary burlesque, circus and dance. The show kick started on 15th Jun and will be running all through out till end of September, show dates include:

Thursday June 15th – 21:30
Thursday July 20th – 21:30
Friday August 4th – 21:30
Friday August 18th – 21:30
Friday August 25th – 21:30
Friday September 8th – 21:30
Friday September 29th – 21:30
Tickets can be purchased here.

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