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7 Tips for Organising Your Daughter’s Wedding


7 Tips for Organising Your Daughter’s Wedding

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Weddings are a special occasion. The mother of a bride usually occupies a special and important position during the big day. If as a mother you have planned a wedding in the past, you may have a lot of insight and useful advice to give the bride to be. However, it is important to remember that it is your daughter’s big day. As such, any advice or insights should be communicated in such a way that the receiver does not feel insulted or patronised.

Tips For Mothers To Follow During The Planning Of A Wedding

1.​Listen To The Opinion Of The Bride

It is important to remember that it’s your daughter’s special day. Even if you have useful advice and want to play a big role in the planning process such as choosing the venue, you should take into account the opinion of the bride. Instead of trying to force your ideas on the bride, listen to what she wants for her big day and remember that it is your duty to ensure that she is happy and satisfied on her special day.

2.​Help Your Daughter In Budgeting For The Wedding

Your daughter will obviously have a budget for her wedding. Whether you are helping in footing the bill or not, you should discuss the ramifications that her budget will have on her finances. If the budget she has is not realistic, use creative ways to help her achieve the wedding of her dreams at a cost that is financially prudent.

3.​Ensure That You Meet With The Parents Of Your Future Son In Law

It is usually advised that a mother meets with the parents of the groom before the actual wedding day. Ideally, the meeting should take place in an informal setting. A meeting is important since they may also have some input they want considered during the big day. Further, they may also want to help in some of the responsibilities that arise during the planning of a wedding. For the sake of your daughter, you should ensure that you get along and forge a bond with the parents of the groom.

4.​Help The Prospective Bride In Picking The Perfect Dress

If you are helping your daughter in picking the perfect bridal attire, she is likely to be happier and filled with confidence. Sometimes finding the right wedding dress can be a daunting task. However, you should be proactive in coming up with solutions to such challenges. At all times during the search for a dress always be positive and encouraging – take a look at these beauties from

5.​Ensure That You Have The Right Attire For The Wedding

On your daughter’s special day, you should ensure you are looking great. However, avoid wearing an attire that is white in color and do not try to outshine the bride. It is usually best to wear attire that compliments the theme of the wedding. Before settling on an attire, you should run a few ideas past your daughter to gauge her thoughts and reaction. Involving her in the search for your attire can help you avoid awkwardness later on.

6.​Organise Yourself And Anticipate Any Eventualities

It is a mother’s job to make sure that her daughter has the most perfect wedding ceremony. You should be in the thick of things and keyed in to all things that are happening at the wedding. If you know what is going on at all times, you can easily save the day in case there are any hiccups. If you are organised, your daughter is highly likely to have the wedding of her dreams.

7.​Do Not Forget To Enjoy This Special Time

Weddings rarely happen twice. The planning of a wedding usually provides a great time for a mother and daughter to bond, have fun and create a lot of happy memories. Ensure that you make the most of this period.


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