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6 romantic date ideas for your anniversary

Anniversary- road trip

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6 romantic date ideas for your anniversary

Thinking of new inspiration for date night and anniversaries can be tough – especially if you’ve been with your partner for a while now. But aside from another meal out, or a newcourse of crazy golf, there are a variety of other great ideas for romantic dates that will help you mix it up again. Here are six of our favourite anniversary date ideas:

Anniversary- road trip

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Road trip

Add to your list of memories by making a whole load more with a road trip around the UK. Whether you end up driving for two hours or ten, queue up a playlist of shared songs and spend your anniversary having another adventure together – this time, on the road. 


Cooking class

Cooking with your partner is a great way to get close to your loved one. So why not take it up a notch and go to a cooking class to learn a brand new recipe together? Better yet, you can cook this special anniversary plate next year for each other and make it your special dish.


Recreate your first date

Do you remember where it all began? Revisit the first time you met by recreating the night that changed it all. Whether it’s going back to the first restaurant you ate at and sitting in the same seats, or going for drinks at the same bar you first clapped eyes on each other, this is a perfect way to enjoy some of your favourite shared memories as a couple. 


Bed and Breakfast

There’s not much as romantic as spending a weekend together at a cosy B&B. Spend quality time with each other without everyday distractions and better still, no one has to get up early to make breakfast!


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Maybe you go back to the place you first met, or if you’re married, the place of your proposal, but having a picnic with your partner is an easy way to create a romantic set-up, and enjoy some quality time together. Champagne, strawberries, a chocolate hamper? The hardest part is deciding what to take with you! 


Couple’s trivia

Even if you’ve been with your partner for years, chances are there are some things you still don’t know about them. See how much you and your loved one know about each other by creating your own set of trivia questions and see who scores the highest. After all, relationships are all about finding out new things about each other, even if it has been five years!

With these six original and romantic date ideas, your anniversary will be as special as when you just met. After all, as long as you’re spending time together, you don’t really need much else.

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