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5 ways to disguise a bad hair day


5 ways to disguise a bad hair day

Having one of those days where your hair isn’t going right? Perhaps you do not have the time, or you simply cannot be bothered to style your hair. Let’s be honest, a bad hair day ultimately puts you in a bad mood, so here are 5 ways to disguise a bad hair day…

1. Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is the ultimate bad hair days’ best friend. It can texturize and add volume to your roots whilst eliminating that greasy look that we all strive to avoid. Dry shampoo absorbs any excess oils and leaves your hair looking fresh and ready to take on the day.


2. Braids

Whether it’s a braid, plait, French plait, or even a fishtail plait – there is something for everyone to try when they’re having a BHD. The beauty with braids is that they work best in unwashed hair, they tend to stay in place better when there are natural oils in the hair.


3. Hair accessories

Never underestimate the power of hair accessories!

There are so many hair accessories on the market that are perfect for disguising a bad hair day. Hats are a great way to mask your crazy hair, whilst maintaining a fashionable look. Hairbands and scrunchies are also fabulous other alternatives to disguising your hair.


4. Messy bun

The messy bun has got to be one of the most obvious routes for crazy hair. It holds best when the hair is not freshly cleaned, the blessing with messy buns is that they’re not supposed to look pristine. Messy buns (the clue is in the name) are allowed to be misshapen, that’s why they look so good!


5. Dampen the hair

Last but not least, you can also dampen your hair and restyle in minutes to salvage your look! Spray water over the wild areas of your hair, then blow dry your hair into your desired style!


Give these hacks a try, and never have a bad hair day again!

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