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5 tips on improving your mental health


5 tips on improving your mental health

Reduce your stress now – 5 practical tips on improving your mental health 


  • Mental Health Awareness Week is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation
  • This year the focus is on stress
  • Two thirds of us experience mental health problems in our lifetimes
  • Myofascial Release treatment is provided by the specialist therapists at Holisticare, which can work with your mind and body to help reduce your stress


Expert Physiotherapist Nikki Robinson explains 5 easy ways to reduce your stress levels:

1. Breathe out slowly – your natural reaction to stress is often to keep trying to breathe in but forgetting to breathe out first so you end up with a lungful of stale air.

2. Stretch – stretching is your body’s way of reducing tension that has built up in your muscles and you can use it whenever you need to, wherever you are. But remember never stretch into pain.

3. Drink plenty of water – dehydration affects every cell and can affect your brain’s performance and your ability to cope with stressful situations.

4. Listen to your mind and body – by changing what you are doing as soon as you become aware that your stress levels are starting to increase, you can stop the cycle from escalating.

5. Check your posture – do you tend to hunch over with your shoulders up round your ears? This position of stress feeds back to your brain that you are under stress, even if you are not.


Nikki says; “So many people are living in a permanent state of fight or flight, with their minds and bodies caught in a cycle of still reacting to old trauma. It is so important to identify if this is happening to you and to seek help so that your mental and physical health isn’t permanently affected.”

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