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5 reasons you should register to vote

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5 reasons you should register to vote

On June 8th, Britain will head to the polls for what is going to be an incredibly important election. Registering to vote closes on Monday so you’ve got to be quick! It only takes a few minutes and if you’re wondering why you should register here are five reasons.

  1. The Suffragette movement, for years women fought hard to be able to have the right to vote. They went on hunger strike, tied themselves to Government buildings and protested in the street so women could have the right to vote.
  2. Every vote does matter, whilst many people may argue otherwise, when it comes to voting one vote could change everything. A third of people who could’ve voted in the UK’s last general election didn’t, and only 72% of the electorate voted in the EU referendum.
  3. Don’t trust the predictions, look at how Brexit turned out, just because polls have one party or person winning, doesn’t mean that’s going to be the end result. If you do or don’t agree with how the polls have it, why not support or oppose them.
  4. It does affect you, the decisions that each political party make will affect you either directly or indirectly. So instead of being sat at home, angry, complaining about the decisions the Government are making why not have your say in them?
  5. At least you can choose to vote, the last thing you want on election day is to be sat at home regretting the fact that you can’t go into the polling station and have your say in the next 5 years of Government. Once the registering stage passes, there isn’t a second chance.

If you’re worried you’re not going to be informed enough to make a decision, we’ve got you covered! Next week we’ll be posting a series of articles focusing on what the major and minor parties have to offer.

Register to vote here

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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