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5 Morning Habits of a #GirlBoss



5 Morning Habits of a #GirlBoss


Every entrepreneur we tend to admire, has some form of morning / daily routine they do habitually to centre themselves and set the tone for the day. At Amor we believe in starting that positive momentum from the beginning because the better it gets, the better it gets right? Whether it be through prayer, waking up 15 minutes early to listen to a podcast, or tuning into yourself with a cup of herbal tea and your journal; each and every one of us deems it important to do something for yourself before helping someone else. Here, I give you 5 steps to an effective head start in your day that every #Girlboss can benefit from: 


Awakening into the day, acknowledge that there are 24 brand new hours before you, that you can control your responses to life and choose your involvement in things. Refresh yourself by stretching, bathing, brushing your teeth,  splashing cool water on your face to some instrumentals on YouTube. Use those essential oils, light some incense, burn a candle, spray your favourite body mist or perfume and massage your body hunny. Eat something that you know will energise you.


Life naturally comes with conditions, people, situations and feelings. If we don’t take that 15 minutes every morning to quiet our minds and just be present with ourselves, you end up missing the moments you live for. It’s important to check into yourself, put that phone down and ask yourself if you are ok? When was the last time you checked in with yourself. Implement deep breathing into your morning around the early hours of 4 – 6:30am. Breathe in for 3 counts and out for 5. When a thought comes to mind, understand that it’s natural. Simply let it pass by and re –  focus upon your breathing. For an overly active mind, breathe in for 4 counts – hold for 7 – breathe out for 8 and repeat.


Many of the celebrities we love such as Tiffany Haddish and Jenifer Lewis have spoken about the tremendous benefits of keeping a journal / doing the underlying emotional work. Use your journal to set out how you want this day to go, no matter what sort of activities you have set. Affirm to yourself who are now, the values you stand by and the way you intend to focus upon those things in your day today. Focusing yourself in this way, helps to shift old patterns of behaving and implement new strategies of living to help you better accomplish your goals.  Create your to do list and star the ones that are most essential for this day.


Sometimes we get lost in the likes, our image on instagram and the way we want to come across to the world; that we forget about creating an actual business. We can all agree that it feels empowering and liberating to actually make a step in the direction of what you’ve been saying you want, so why not add a soundtrack to your movie. Now that you’ve refreshed yourself and set your to – do list in stone, you can start executing on those tasks. Ask yourself? What could I do right now that would make me better at what I do? Read? Listen to podcasts? Practice? Workout? Set your eyes in that direction! I myself love a good Lofi Chill – hop beat to work to when writing, editing, planning content or networking.


Repetition is essential in order for any new habit to form. So take it day by day. After 30 days, you’ll be refreshed by what you’ve achieved so far!

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