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4 brown girl friendly highlighters you need to know about


4 brown girl friendly highlighters you need to know about

Brown girl/ friendly highlighters are super important if you want to glow to the heavens but not exactly sure what sort of shade/tones you should be looking for as a black girl.

It is said that for deep skin deep oranges/gold/rose gold tones are what you should sought after as it would match with the undertone of your skin as oppose to pinky shades. Below I have included 4 cheap and cheerful brown girl friendly highlighters which are super pigmented and super affordable.


Revolution (bronzer) £4

Brown girl friendly highlighters

Now I know it says ‘bronzer’ however I use this as a highlighter myself and absolutely see no issue in this. The glow is nice and subtle yet still giving your finished look the glow needed. for £4 you really and honestly cannot go wrong at all – can be purchased from Superdrug and possibly boots.


Lancome custom highlighter drops £26 

Brown girl friendly highlighters

What I love about this is that you can use it by itself and simply just dab your fingers on your cheeks or mix this in your foundation to give you an overall glow. When I used to work in retail and would show customers this product, I loved their reactions when I actually applied this method on them. It’s really great if you are using a matte foundation and want a little bit of glow, or even better if you don’t actually want to apply makeup but still need a little pick me up on a bad skin day – simply mix a tiny bit into your everyday moisturiser.


MAC Gold Deposit £25.50 


If you know then you truly know, black girl highlighter 101. I feel that this is the highlighter that set the trend for many brands to start catering their highlighters and contour shades for brown skinned ladies. It’s such a great tone because it’s almost in between rose gold and a subtle deep gold. You can purchase this from any MAC counter from most department stores or online.


Kiko Milano 208 £8.90 


This is actually an eyeshadow but if you remember roughly 2-3 years ago when the internet went wild with this shade and it was sold out everywhere then you are a true beauty guru. This is a water shadow which simply means that it can be used wet and dry. Wetting the shadow simply gives the shade more pigment, when dry it is easy to blend giving the skin ultimate skin kissed glow.

So there you have it ladies, our top brown girl friendly highlighters!

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