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3 Top Winter Hairstyles

winter hairstyles


3 Top Winter Hairstyles

With the arrival of the cold breezes and leaves falling from the trees, we can certainly use the popular quote from a famous series, “winter is coming,” and as soon as we hear that what clicks first in a fashionista’s head is that it’s a chance to unveil all those glamorous winter hairstyles.

This means that it might be getting colder in the outer world, but as soon as it is the season of winter, it is time for things to get heated in the hair department. Along with pretty clothes and stylish clothes, the season is incomplete without chic winter hairstyles as well.

So, if you also want to take part in this fashion parade this season and want to make heads turn for you, here are some of the top winter hairstyles that you can try out this time of the year without getting into much hassle.


Subtle Hair Colours

One of the best hairstyle trends that you can take part in this winter season is going for those subtle hair colors that make your hair look amazingly sleek and stylish, as well as make them pop in all those layers to enhance your overall look.

You can try to get bulky highlights that match your own natural hair color to give your hair a refreshing and balayage look. The best part about getting such a hair color is that it would look perfect no matter what kind of styling you would go for.

In addition to that, it will also help you to set your hair according to any type of event without getting into much effort. You can also easily find clip in hair extensions of your matching highlighted color in your hair.


Bouncy Blow Dries

The fashion inspiration of bouncy blow dries comes all the way back from the early era of 80s, and it has now revived from the dead. Even many celebrities and stylists can be seen carrying this hairstyle nowadays on fashion streets.

All you need to do to acquire this hairstyle is to use a blow dry on your hair in the opposite direction of your roots to make your hair look voluminous. You can also use roller combs to back comb your hair to have a better look.

No matter if you are going to a formal event or about to take a stroll with your friends, or even going to a rocking party, the sleek style of bouncy blow dries will help you gain all the spotlights.

winter hairstyles

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Layered Bangs

All of us have tried getting the perfect bangs at least once in our lives and mostly get disappointed with the results. However, when it comes to layered bangs, nothing can go wrong with this ultimately jazzy hairstyle.

Whether you have a round or a square facial structure, this kind of hairstyle looks perfect on all kinds of facial features. Especially when it comes to winter, with all those scarves and layers of coat, this hairstyle certainly looks sleek and stylish like none other.

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