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3 tools to up your game in the kitchen


3 tools to up your game in the kitchen


When it comes to cooking, we can all use a bit of help here and there. So, we’ve rounded up three of the latest kitchen gadgets to help you in the kitchen!


If you live in a hard water area then you’ll know that water jugs are an essential kitchen tool. We are currently loving Zerowater they remove more contaminants from your water than other leading brands and have a clean design which will fit in well with any kitchen.

It’s a great product to try out at home, plus has a very cool tap on the handle so you can quickly refill your bottles!

From £24.99, available at

Mini Chopper

A mini chopper is essential for any dish, with the healthy food movement heading our way use it to make your own hummus or finely diced red onion for flatbreads. This mini chopper is essential for helping you in the kitchen.

Kenwood Mini Chopper, available on

Anysharp Pro Knife Sharpener

Ever watch food videos online and wonder how they make cutting look so easy? Cue Anysharp. This knife sharpener is essential for every kitchen. It helps make prepping dinner a breeze and is small enough to stow away on the side.

It’s incredibly easy to use – simply draw your knife through the blades and it’ll sharpen even the bluntest of knives!

£19.99 available on


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