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10 Alternative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


10 Alternative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Bored of going to the Cinema? Or want to cancel your standing order for the same candlelit dinner for two every Valentine’s Day? Well you’re in luck. We’ve searched far and wide for some flirty but fun ideas for this Feb 14th. From Mini Golf to a Haggis masterclass, it’s time to shake it up this day of luuuurve.

1. Volunteering for Valentine’s

Love in a different way this February 14th by donating your time or money to help those who need a little bit of TLC. Why don’t you donate some toys and food to your local animal shelter, or brighten up the day of care home residents with a card or a visit? For some inspo, this website gives details of all the volunteering opportunities in your area.

2. Spa Time (without leaving your house)

Why not invest in a cosy couple’s massage with a service like Urban Massage? Maximum bliss; minimal effort. Perfect! If you’re a single lady, the pampering doesn’t need to be a shared scenario. Ruuby has the best selection of indulgent solo services, so get yourself an at home treat too, because…why not?

3. Super Sexy Valentine’s

This DIY Porn Workshop at The Book Club in Shoreditch, is pretty much what it says on the tin. Tickets start from £6 for a night of titillation mixed with tricks and tips for making your very own… movies at home. Strictly over 18s! (Obviously..)

4. Learn a Skill

Unleash your inner Butcher with a free masterclass at Mac & Wild. Dine at the restaurant, and you can learn all the hot tips to perfect your every meaty desire – for free! They also specialise in Haggis for the brave and if meat isn’t your thing, they offer classes in Gin or Whisky too. This Scottish twist on Valentine’s is the perfect way to add something new to your repertoire this year.

5. Love Yourself

The Breakup Monologues at Polar Union are a mix of break up horror stories from a varied cast of performers. Guaranteed to make you laugh and cry, this is the perfect tonic for the Valentine’s blues. Tickets from £7.


6. Can you fall in love with a stranger?
Try this 36 question social experiment at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, and possibly find true love… or at the very least a great story to tell the girls. It’s free to sign up, just register your interest here.

7. Forest Fun

Ever wanted to stay in a quirky hotel, but didn’t know where to go? Forest holidays are available at multiple locations around the UK, and are the perfect get-back-to-nature romantic treat for you and your Valentine!

8. Go veggie!

Veganism is on the rise in 2018, so why not join the hype for a different veg-filled Valentine’s experience? Gauthier in Soho has a whole Vegan tasting menu, which is high end plant based dining in a super sexy setting. Other safe bets for the Vegan or Veggie curious are, The Shed, Nutbourne or of course the ever popular Mildreds (just make sure you get there early as you can’t book!)

9. Erotica and Punch

Erotic readings and cocktails are available at the London Edition, for the couple looking for some serious chilled out, sexy vibes. Get your tickets here for £10, including a ‘Love Punch’ cocktail.

10. Go for Golf

Do something active and head to Swingers (no, not that kind of Swingers), and grab their golf package for £13. You get 9 holes of their famously fun mini golf, with plenty of street food and all the booze you could imagine. It’s perfect for a first date – no danger of awkward silences when you’re trying to get that hole in one!

Words : Lauren Wigley


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