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Woman Crush Wednesday: Two Peas in a Bod


Woman Crush Wednesday: Two Peas in a Bod


Sat on a London Tube last September, Chessie King and Steph Elswood turned ‘Chesssteph’ into Two Peas in a Bod.

“We spent so much time together going on adventures away/training or doing challenges together that we decided to combine our names to make ‘Chesssteph’ and always referred to ourselves as that. I remember Chessie saying Two Peas in a Bod and I didn’t like it at first! But about a week later we decided that it was the one and suited us perfectly!” Steph commented

A key part of this business is body confidence, both ‘peas’ battled eating disorder and since then have turned their bodies and mind sets around to be healthier and happier. All with the help of each other.

“We’re constantly building each other’s confidence.” Steph explained. “We do things that make us happy regularly. We also do things that throw us out of our comfort zone but support each other in every way we can.”

Chessie added “I was very very skinny and lost a lot of weight. I had two different times that I was, and then put on weight in between and got a bit too overweight in one of them and found food again and a healthy relationship with food.”

I think it had mostly come from just learning about my body, what works, what foods I can eat, how much I need to be working out. Just going off of how I feel and there are some days I don’t feel body confident and I dress to cover the bits I don’t like and expose the bits I do like.”

During our individual journeys we both weren’t that kind to our bodies and were quite self critical.” Steph added “We no longer want to ‘look good’. We want to be strong, fit and feel good.”

The pair use social media sites to promote their messages, “Chess and I try to post the realist images we can – rubbing out the line between follower and influencer” Steph explained.

Of course, they’re still running a business, “I think it’s really interesting and very inspiring seeing women start up their own businesses and be successful with it. I am all about girl bosses” Chessie commented.

Female empowerment is key to both these women, the two ‘peas’ “are just normal girls that want to help other girls feel better about themselves.”

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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