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Woman Crush Wednesday : NOT Dr. Tamara


Woman Crush Wednesday : NOT Dr. Tamara

This week’s WCW feature is dedicated to author Tamara Armstrong, also known as NOT Dr. Tamara.
NOT Dr. Tamara is a funny name” I can already tell what you are thinking… as that is exactly what I thought when I read over the press release about The Happy Diet book launch. Well Tamara Armstrong isn’t actually a doctor and has no intentions of becoming one either, hence the big block capital letters ‘NOT’. She believes in happy living, and retraining the way we think to live the life we want to live, without the complications of science and medicine, just a good old time with oneself, reprogramming…
We received a copy of ‘The Happy Diet’ the 40 page guide to a happier you, before the book went on general release and we found this easy-to-follow four week plan a really insightful read.
Sometimes we get so bogged down living our day to day lives, and swamped with everything that is happening around us that we fail to pick up on things that cost us our happiness and making minor changes to the way we live our lives, can make all the difference. NOT Dr. Tamara manages to highlight these changes so vividly in her book; from meditation techniques to social media restrictions, this is about more than just food…
Written from the life experiences and wisdom of ‘NOT Dr. Tamara’, ‘The Happy Diet’ will help anyone discover what happiness really is, what is stealing it from their life, and how a series of simple life changes can turn their existence into something more fruitful than they ever imagined!
NOT Dr. Tamara is on a mission to make the world a happier place. She believes with enough understanding, love and positive intention, everyone can live healthy, happy and healed lives, and this is why she is this week’s WCW.
Now I was going to arrange an interview with NOT Dr. Tamara, but I came across this Q&A on her site, and the interview contains everything I wanted to go on and ask after reading ‘The Happy Diet’… check it out here.
‘The Happy Diet’ can be ordered here – get your copies ladies.

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