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Woman Crush Wednesday: Jessica Vella-Templeton


Woman Crush Wednesday: Jessica Vella-Templeton


Late September, 2016, in London Jessica Vella-Templeton created her first batch of Peanut Butter Me Up granola and from their Breakfast by Bella was born.

Stemming from her own personal health problems Jessica began cutting out refined sugars and creating more food at home. “the odd chocolate bar from the shop turned into making my own raw chocolate at home. Shortly after this, I started introducing “vegan days”.

“in my current job and in previous ones, I noticed the struggle to get hold of a clean bowl to put any breakfast in. Slowly but surely, the breakfast jar was becoming a crucial part of my morning routine. It’s so easy, fun and I found myself feeling fuller for longer.”

Jessica struggled with numerous health issues from being overweight as a child to IBS and polycystic ovary syndrome. It was 2014 when her ovarian cysts became worse and she realised she had to significantly cut down on sugar.

“The re-test showed that my hormone levels had balanced back to a normal range and I was not considered to have polycystic ovary syndrome anymore. The doctor confirmed that it was probably healthy eating that helped this. This hit home massively. For the first time, I realised you truly are what you eat.”

Before long Breakfast by Bella was developed, initially intended to be a blog, Jessica never had anything major in mind until she began making her first batch of granola and putting it in a breakfast jar.

“About a week later, I made an extra breakfast jar for a friend, who I also work with, and included the Peanut Butter Me Up granola. She loved it so much that she actually yelped loudly in the middle of the office and told me it was “food porn”.”

Of course, it’s not just Breakfast by Bella which takes up her time, Jessica also works in London, “I have needed to work around that by setting up meetings over email on my way to work to ensure people will be free during my lunch break.

“However, I wouldn’t change it. I truly believe that something worth having never came easy. Working hard is in my blood…go hard or go home!”

With no outside backing (except a bit of help from her and her husband’s house deposit) Jessica has started the company off her own back.

“When I was younger, I always spoke about doing things and the response was often that I was living in cloud cuckoo land. I come from a background where money was a struggle. When going through secondary school, I was teased because I couldn’t afford the trendy shoes and the “cool” school bag.”

When it comes to advising other women to start their own business, she gives one simple rule “believe in yourself, believe in your product and follow your dreams!”

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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