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Woman Crush Wednesday: Every Woman


Woman Crush Wednesday: Every Woman


Each week for #WCW we feature an amazing woman who has accomplished something incredible. From promoting female acceptance to starting up their own businesses, we’ve talked to a range of women and want to continue promoting female empowerment.

But what exactly is female empowerment? Well, it’s the powering of females by fellow females. Something evident this morning when beauty blogger Gina Shkeda was tagged in a tweet by a fan stating “If I could wake up as beautiful as @GinaShkeda I’d be the happiest girl alive #naturalbeatuy” which prompted a very real response from the blogger.

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This is something we see less and less of in our social media world. With women’s feeds being filled with ‘natural beauties’ who actually have make up on or have surgery to make themselves look that way.

This honesty is not something we usually see and we are loving it.

But it does beg the question, why do women still look to others for comparison? Why don’t we live in a culture where we are proud of who we are, and embrace our beauty instead of shunning it and feeling self-conscious about it?

If #WCW has proved anything, it’s that woman want to support other women. The ladies we’ve featured have got to where they are thanks to the support they’ve received through mentoring, group meetings and general support.

In a world where men still seem to dominate, women are striving to be on the same level. We cannot achieve this until we learn to love and be proud of who we are, starting with our appearance. We start every morning off by looking in a mirror, pulling at our clothes and toying with make up to change who we are.

We use make-up to hide instead of using it to highlight. Make-up and clothes shouldn’t mask who you are, instead they should showcase your individuality.

Tomorrow morning when you wake up look in the mirror and pick three things you love about yourself, and three things you are proud of. Then make this part of your everyday routine, because ladies, until we learn to love ourselves how will we love others?

Words: Amy Taylor

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