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Woman Crush Wednesday: Evangeline Marteye


Woman Crush Wednesday: Evangeline Marteye


Mother, business creator and student, Evangeline Marteye is a woman of many talents.

The 23 year old started A’zaira Intimates under a year ago and already it shows a lot of promise, it is one of the few luxury plus sized lingerie brands.

“A’zaira Intimates brings intricate special occasion wear for those of a fuller busy, those individuals who are DD and above. Usually when you get biggest in sizes you don’t always get the attractive pieces, especially in the luxury sector.”

The business was created after Evangeline found that she couldn’t find a delicate and elegant bra for her own wedding, “when I was getting married I really wanted a heavily detailed piece that catered for my taste and size but I couldn’t find that, due to this, I thought, I’m going to take the practical step and do my own brand.”

A’zaira Intimates focuses on a luxury market, mirrored in the high price point of the items. Their bras range from £160-195 and the accessories including thongs, briefs and suspenders range from £58-100.


“In terms of the reason why I kept to the luxury market is because there are quite a few brands who cater to the fuller bust which are at the cheaper price point, but where I was trying to approach people was more on the high price point.” She continued “mine are more going towards the elegant and very special occasion wear.”

At the moment items are being uploaded and ready to be sold through the companies’ website as well as being sold to wholesalers. However, she has bigger goals for the company “I want to get myself into the more high end stores such as Selfridges, Harvey Nicolas and Harrods, because I feel they reflect my brand and that real would push the brand in itself and maybe overtime I might say I want to do a store but for now the aim is to get into those types of stores.”

What advice would she give women wanting to start up their own company? “Do your research and you have a greater understanding of what you’re doing or you have people around you who can support you, it makes everything so much easier. It takes the load off you a lot. I’m not saying it won’t be stressful it is, 1000% it’s not easy but it is worth it.”

The items are going on sale in July for an A/W 2017 debut, they will be available to buy through the company’s website.

Words: @AmyJoannaTaylor

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1 Comment

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