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Why You Should Stop Wearing Makeup to The Gym


Why You Should Stop Wearing Makeup to The Gym


We all do it and we all know it’s not great for our skin.  Whether it’s a full face or just a thin layer of foundation, wearing makeup to the gym is something we are all guilty of and it’s something that should stop.

At a time when we’re all more conscious than ever about looking good, going makeup free outside of the four walls of our home is a challenge. But while we work out we need to let the skin breathe and the sweat flow freely before we enter the endless cycle of having dry, spotty or oily skin.

So before you pick up your beauty blender, here’s why you should stop wearing makeup to the gym.

Your skin absorbs everything

You should always think about what you rub into your skin but especially before working out. This is because during exercise your body generates heat which increases something known as ‘cellular metabolism’. Your skin is then prone to absorbing heavy products such as foundation which it usually wouldn’t.  Your skin will become clogged up and will sadly produce those little things we all hate – blackheads.

Your pores will become bigger

After we’ve started sweating, our pores naturally relax and leave a great pit for all of the dirty and sweat to fall into. This then leaves us with bigger more prominent pores which is something we use other products to fight. The larger your pores are the more dirt can become trapped which will only result in more spots.

Acne will attack

If you’re already prone to acne or bad skin it can be hard to feel completely confident with a bare face, but if you try to cover your blemishes rather than letting them breathe, the problem will only get worse.  The dirt and sweat will become trapped and the skin will be irritated and flare up. Instead, be confident makeup free. Very few of us have perfect skin and if you’re killing your work out, no one will even be looking at your skin.

Your skin will dry up

You might think your face would in fact become oily or greasy, but trapping sweat against the skin beneath your makeup causes irritation from the acidic ph of sweat. As a result, your skin will become dry and tight and no matter how many times you apply that super expensive moisturiser, it will continue to be become dull and dry until your break the habit.

You’ll end up with a clown face

 Okay, yes this isn’t a legitimate beauty benefit, but who really wants to work out in front of a fit PT or walk out with black smears, half an eyebrow and a smear smiled?

The bottom line is just don’t do it. Be brave and go bare. Not only will your skin feel better for it, but so will you.

But if you really can’t leave the makeup bag at home then limit yourself to the following few goodies:

  • Waterproof mascara – It will keep your lashes looking longer and your eyes wider without ending the session with big black panda eyes
  • Tinted moisturiser or BB cream – It’s light on the skin while still providing some colour and coverage
  • Lip Balm – Your lips become dry as you dehydrate during a workout so keep them glossy and in good condition. You can add a hint of colour with a tinted balm.

Written by Bex Edwards

Edited by Jasmin Woodward



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