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Woman Crush Wednesday: Nicole Dorman


Woman Crush Wednesday: Nicole Dorman

Meet Nicole Dorman, this weeks Woman Crush Wednesday.  Author, cancer survivor, single mum and a veteran.

She discovered she had stage two cancer in January 2014, “it was really difficult when I got the news, not having all the answers and I didn’t want to lie to me kids, obviously because I was going to go through a lot of physical changes, but I had to try and explain it to them and bring it down to their level.”

At the age of 34 she received the call after detecting a lump in October 2013. However, her book I fought like a girl and I won came a year later.

“There are a lot of cancer research books out there” but Nicole wanted to be different and provide a book that can be inspiring to all “I wanted to be a positive inspiration for anyone going through this, be it a man or a woman. A lot of men don’t know they can get breast cancer as well.

“I tried to be different than what’s already on the market, you have a little biography of me, at the time, my income, children’s ages and my daughter is my illustrator in my book and it includes personal pictures, drawings and cards from friends and families for positive hope”

Nicole battled cancer for 6 months and has been in remission since July 2014 “in that 6 months my treatment and surgeries were really aggressive just so I could have a better chance at survival.

“I know we all die one day, but I was 34 I wasn’t ready to die. I wanted to see my kids graduate school and I still have a lot of live for.”

As with many cancer sufferers, Nicole did have a family history of the disease “my biological grandmother, I never met her because she died before I was born. She died at 48 from breast cancer and that was after having a double mastectomy.

“I’ve had a double mastectomy and reconstruction”

Being a working mum, Nicole received the news whilst on a break at her job as a crossing guard. “getting the news I had cancer then putting on a smile to cross the kids out, that’s really hard, I didn’t even have time to let the news sink it, it’s something you have to figure out and let sink it and think about how am I going to move forward. I remember calling my mum afterwards as well.”

“My moto is, I got the cancer, I can get through anything.” Nicole refused to let her cancer affect her and want’s to encourage other people to do the same.

“I know it’s easier said than done, but do not stress, the more you stress the more it takes a toll on your body, take things one step at a time, no two days are alike. Do not give up”.

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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