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They like all things matching and you’ll never see one without the other. Amor introduces you to Emily and Hannah, the fitness duo that make Twice the Health. We caught up with them ahead of their Grand Canyon challenge to share their fitness journey so far.

1. Who are “Twice the Health”
E: Hi I am Emily! I am a fully qualified nutritionist, using my skills, knowledge and love to cook to share the recipes across our blog and social channels.
H: Hi I am Hannah! I am a PT, but I work full time in PR and marketing dipping in and out of the lifestyle and fitness posts shared across our blog.

2. What made you become health bloggers and as a duo? 
E: We met at university in Cardiff before moving to London a few months after graduating. We shared a passion for culinary delights and nights at the squat rack which lead to developing the friendship that was soon to become TTH. But it’s safe to say neither of us ever assumed we’d be where we are today! Some say luck, others say it was the extra protein 😉
H: Yes, the friendship quickly developed into endless nights spent cooking up healthy alternatives to your classic cheesy fries which lead many other student diets. As we began to explore our passion further we lost interest in the stereotypical student life and began focusing on challenging and bettering our bodies. It’s this love to step out our comfort zones that has helped to build TTH to where it is now! And let us tell you, in terms of challenge there’s plenty more coming.


3. What is your favourite cheat day snack?
H: We never ‘cheat’ we only ‘treat’! Although ‘cheat meal’ has become a popular phrase we never feel guilty about our indulgences. We know that moderation is key and prefer not to label our foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’. But my treat of choice would have to be a good old fashioned macaroni cheese.
E: At the moment I am quite partial to the little milky bar white chocolate giant buttons! They taste like childhood!

4. Do you have plans to hold your own fitness classes or workshops?
E: We have got some ‘Train Like TTH’ workouts on the Kaizen app thanks to our personal trainer Daniel Rose.
H: We would love to further develop TTH in that direction! Keep your eyes peeled for ‘Twice The Fitness’ and a whole load of paired up practice!

5. Tell us more about your GRAND CANYON challenge…
E: Agh that is creeping up on us all too soon! H you tell them, it makes me to nervous!
H: At 4am on the 29th of May our lovely friend Mollie Bylett is dropping us off North Side. We will spend the 7 hours following descending 5,500FT along the 14.5mile track to the Colorado river before ascending 4,500FT up a 9mile trail to the South Rim. Phew!
E: This is our biggest challenge yet and we cannot wait to tackle it head on! We are proud to announce we are raising money for two fantastic charities, the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and The Jamie Oliver Foundation. Head over to our blog to find out more about these two incredible charities.

Connect with TTH – Tw: @twicethehealth | Ig: twicethehealth

Words: @ToniAmorHealth

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