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Trumps Planned Parenthood troubles continue


Trumps Planned Parenthood troubles continue

The pictures are now infamous – Donald Trump sat at a table, surrounded by his male counterparts, discussing what happens to a woman’s decision to have an abortion.

But despite all of the spoof images and the public’s ability to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, a very real issue has gradually been rising for women in America and around the world.

Days after his inauguration, Trump signed an executive order which would re-impose the Global Gag Rule. This rule would see that NGOs around the world would stop receiving US funding, should they choose to give advice or to support a woman going through an abortion.

But the effects of the Trump administration are hitting some of the most vulnerable American citizens in more ways than one.

Last month, Trump’s White House proposed this to Planned Parenthood – remove abortions from the list of provisions available and you can keep the $550 million of government funding. Requests like this have not been well received; least of all from Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards. Speaking to the New York Times, Richards said:

“That is just not going to happen. We would never abandon the women who count on us in exchange for cash.”

A breakdown of Planned Parenthood’s services in 2014. Business Insider image credit

Talks around defunding Planned Parenthood focus mainly on abortion – this recent move made by the White House proves it. But due to the federal Hyde Amendment, tax payer’s dollars can’t fund abortions in America. Instead they actually help provide services such as cervical cancer screenings, STI checks for men and women and other family planning services separate from abortion.

With how America’s health care system works, it’s no wonder people are worried about these facilities disappearing in the future. If funding is removed, people could lose their only opportunity to access the care they so desperately need.

There’s no doubt news about Planned Parenthood won’t be going anywhere anytime soon – especially with many anti-Planned Parenthood campaigners holding influence at the American helm.

Words: Isabelle Truscott

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