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Top 12 Tracks of the Year


Top 12 Tracks of the Year


As we draw closer to the end of the year (cue the “New Year, New Me” selfies and memes), we thought it would be appropriate to reflect back on 12 of our favourite tracks of the year.

Let’s begin.

Beyonce ‘Formation’

The lead track in Beyonce’s legendary album Lemonade that not only empowered females everywhere but encouraged Black Pride. I was extremely happy that Queen B gave us another track that made it cool to be synchronised dancing with your girls in the club again after ‘Single Ladies’.

Rihanna ft. Drake ‘Work

This song brought back the trend of whining in the club instead of the standard fad of twerking (I do love a twerking session though!) These two never fail to make a good track together and what more, they gave us two videos just for this one single!

Desiigner ‘Panda

As ridiculous as this song was, ‘Panda’ was the catchy novelty song of 2016, much like Gangnam Style was 2012’s, Future’s soundalike, takes 2016’s title. Dabs

Young MA ‘Ooouu

This tune is too wavy! Please believe we still use “Ooouu” as an expression in my group and that 70% of my social media timeline consisted of “Yeah, I’m pretty but I’m loco” as captions on their pictures.

Drake ‘One Dance

Now this tune not only waves the flag for the U.S but also for the U.K. One Dance sampled Kyla’s vocals from Do You Mind and we are more than happy to see her come back with this track.

Drake/Tory Lanez ‘Controlla

Canada took us by storm through this song and the remix. Drake (and whoever writes his song…yeah I said it. Don’t @ me) is just a churning hit maker. His album as on repeat on our phones.

Tory Lanez ‘LUV’

Sample we are all familiar to added with Tory Lanes’ smooth vocals and bars. This song has us falling in love….sometimes.

Vybz Kartel ‘Fever’

All I’m going to say is… X-O-X-O…I’ll leave you guys to comment the rest… I’m about 2 seconds away from a headtop.

Skepta ‘Man

Skepta not only managed to sign Drake to BBK and made UK Grime internationally known worldwide but he also copped the very prestigious Mercury Award… UK is doing bits!

Ghost Town DJs ‘My Boo

2 college guys from America brought back this tune for the Running man challenge that went completely viral. To be honest, I was glad this song came back, it’s an absolute classic.

Rae Sremmurd ‘Black Beatles’

Another virally famous tune for the ‘Mannequin Challenge’. Song isn’t half bad either.

Bruno Mars ‘24k Magic

The long awaited album from Bruno Mars was released in November and even the lead single is far from disappointing… Bruno Mars sure does have a way of keeping old skool funk so relevant and trendy.

Words : Tara Lopez, Music Editor

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