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The Ultimate Pamper Night Essential


The Ultimate Pamper Night Essential

Every now and then the daily stresses of life gets us down and you need a pamper evening, a bath and candles are perfect. Of course a bath is not complete without a bath bomb and some fizz and I tried out the amazing ‘Luxe Bombs.’

Firstly, the box smelled amazing as I opened it up and each bomb was wrapped in a little bag and attached was a tag with the name of the bomb. It also arrived with lots of pink petals and streamers which made it look even more special.

Luxe Bomb’s are handmade in Bristol by owner Ashley and they come with a list of ingredients so you know exactly what goes into them. Some of the ingredients are bicarbonate soda, citric acid, corn starch, epson salt, sodium lauryl sulphate, coconut oil and different essential oils.

Luxe Bombs sell a wide variety of homemade bath bombs so there is plenty to choose from. I tried the mango fizz,  ‘fairy dust’, ‘queen of hearts’ and my personal favourite ‘gold digger.’

The ‘gold digger’ bath bomb sparkles and has notes of honeysuckle and vanilla which is known as an effective mood lifter. The essential oils really helped me to feel relaxed and calm.

They leave the skin feeling super soft and they make the bath a beautiful colour.

The ‘Queen of hearts’ bath bomb has a soft floral fragrance which include rose petals which made the bath look really pretty and have a luxurious feel to it.

‘Fairy dust’ is pink, glittery and foamy with a gorgeous smell of strawberries and cream.

The Mango fizz is ideal for people who only want to add a little bit to their baths. The fizz latest around two baths which was great.


LuxeBombs also have an Instagram account which Ashley allows followers to see the bath bombs available to purchase as well as a sneak peak into the creation process.

They make the perfect gift for a family or friend or you can just treat yourself.

The ultimate pamper night essential.

To purchase the bath bombs visit the @LuxeBombs Instagram account.

Written by Jasmin Woodward





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