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The short cut to soft skin


The short cut to soft skin


Suffer with bad skin? This natural face scrub maybe the option for you.

As someone who often has uneven and spotty skin, I’m constantly on the look out for a face scrub that actually gives results.

When I heard about Handmade  Naturals Face Cleansing Scrub is was slightly skeptical as I worried it would be another fad, but in fact I was very wrong.

The cleansing scrub is a combination of Bamboo Fibre, Avocado, Plum and Sweet Orange.

While the result wasn’t instant it did work, after scrubbing my make up off a gently applied the scrub using warm water and my finger tips, rubbing it in deeper in problem areas such as my nose and chin. Afterwards I applied my ordinary night cream and went to bed.

The morning after my skin felt slightly softer but no major improvements. However, I persisted with it and the next morning my skin was even softer and after using it every night for 3 days I found my face had cleared up massively and felt softer to touch.

Unlike many other scrubs, this cleansing wash is softer with smaller particles so is easy to wash off and doesn’t leave you with little scrubbing residue.

The smell is also nice, due to the sweet orange it gives off a fruity aroma which makes the whole process even more enjoyable.

If you are in the lookout for a easy to use scrub which will actually give you results, this is one I’d highly recommend!

Try it for yourself! Handmade Naturals is available online: Want to try the Face Cleansing Scrub? It’s available here:

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