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The Best Contour Kits for Every Skin Tone


The Best Contour Kits for Every Skin Tone


Anyone into makeup should and would be familiar with the beauty phenomenon otherwise known as contouring. There’s just something about contoured cheekbones and noses that everyone in the beauty world just loves. Many make up brands have responded to this growing market of sculpted the face by creating fabulous contour kits. The contour kit is now an important essential that every girl can’t go without. Here are the best contour kits suitable for every and any skin tone.


Kat Von D- Shade + Light Face Contour Refillable Palette

Notorious for her inventive packaging Kat Von D definitely did not disappoint with her latest contour palette. Receiving 4.4 stars out of 5 on the Sephora website, the tattoo artist turned makeup guru definitely knew what she was doing. Featuring 3 shades for contour and 3 shades for highlight this palette is the perfect combo for beginners. Its matte formula and suede finish makes it easy apply. Accompanied with a well-illustrated guide inside, this surely is great investment.


Nyx- Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

 This powder based palette has proven to be a favourite amongst the infamous YouTube community with a long list of tutorials and reviews praising the product. This makes perfect sense when you consider the palettes customisable feature. On Nyx’s official website customers are given the option of designing their own unique palette through the selection of palette’s Pro Singles; 12 light to dark shades catering every complexion possible. Nyx definitely leveled up this time as their previous cream contour and highlight kit wasn’t received as well as this one! An affordable adventurous choice for all women.


Anastasia Beverly Hills-The Original Contour Kit

If you haven’t heard of this brand then you must be hiding under a rock somewhere as , if there’s any makeup brand that has been in the limelight in past year of two it’s been Anastasia Beverly hills. The contour kit is one of their most iconic products becoming a bestseller very quickly, it was what caused the brand to reach the height of fame they are at today. The kit’s satin smooth texture featuring 6 tones, a mixture of 3 contour and 3 highlight shades is used to enhance and define the structure of the face. Available in 4 alternative shades this has been a popular product for all women, of all skin tones especially those who struggle to find a colour fitting due to a lack of choice. This kit has been hailed the holy grail for all the contour cosmetics out there, making it a must have!


BH Cosmetics- Studio Pro Cream Contour Palette,


Emulating the brands original powdered based contour kit, this new cream version provides individuals with a great alternative. Cream or Powder? To be or not to be? The 10 shade palette also incorporates colour correcting with its shades of pink, yellow and orange, a cool collaboration, complementing the contour. This palette allows individuals to explore ways of achieving new make-up techniques! Mastering highlighting, contouring and colour correcting all in one. Despite being rather inexpensive this kit is differently worth every penny.


Sleek Cream Contour Kit

After winning an award for the Best New Ethnic Beauty Product at the 2016 Pure Beauty Awards this product definitely speaks for itself. It’s easy blendable formula leaves a smooth seamless finish that can be rectified by anyone, regardless beginner or professional. The kit contains two highlighting and four contouring shades that work well together to achieve what Sleek describes as a ‘perfectly contoured complexion’. Reviews on the Sleek website exclaimed that they swore by this product and is a dupe of the well-respected Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit, a massive compliment any beauty brand would surely be happy to receive.

Written by Olivia James

Edited by Jasmin Woodward

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