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Surge EMS Personal Training


Surge EMS Personal Training


What is it? 20 mins a week EMS personal training
Where is it? Shepherds Bush Road, Hammersmith

Newly opened Surge, brings a totally unique and somewhat bizarre fitness studio to Hammersmith. Just like many Londoners, I lead a busy day-to-day life, making it almost a chore to find time to workout. Then comes Surge…

Surge is the first of its kind in the UK. Using Electric Muscle Stimulation, the method sends electrical impulses through your body to activate each of your muscle groups allowing them to contract.
Electric? Impulses? you may ask – I was informed that the machines operate at a very low frequency and wont cause any long term damage.

The Experience

I went to test out this new concept and was intrigued, yet slightly anxious (as you would be, if you hear the mention of electricity being sent through your body).
After changing into kit that was provided by them, I met my personal trainer, Tarik. I was connected up to one of their machines with wires coming from my arms, chest and legs (see below).

Tarik was a good motivator and made sure my posture was correct as I did all the moves. He asked me what I’d like to work on and then took me through what was only a 20 minute session. However, when the 20 minutes were up, I had gotten into the stride of it and was fully engaged. The impulses can alarm you at first and your body will have to work harder against them.

EMS training is ideal for any fitness level and even used by athletes as part of their training regime. It can help to:

  1. Reduce back pain by strengthening back muscles.
  2. Tone, shape and slim.
  3. Rebuild muscle.

The Aftermath

This is a full body workout and I felt it mainly in my glutes and arms for at least three days.
Surge promises faster results enabling you to reach your goal quicker, because your workout is more intense.

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