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Suddenly Single? This may be the retreat for you

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Suddenly Single? This may be the retreat for you

The Nutfield Priory Heath and Spa will host the first ‘Suddenly Single Retreat’, a 2-day event for women who have recently experienced divorce.

ITV’s This Morning parenting expert Sue Atkins, financial advisor and author Jo Read and independent Divorce Consultant Nicky Ingram, have all come together to create the haven for women struggling with divorce.

The two day retreat will create a relaxed and empowering atmosphere for women, Sue described her desire for the retreat to be “set in a beautiful, nurturing environment at a time of great upheaval and change. A place where women can take stock, take charge and take off”.

Sue, Jo and Nicky understand how difficult it can be for a woman experiencing divorce, having first hand experience with being transfixed with fear, overwhelmed with anxiety and coping with high levels of stress over many issues.

Nicky explained her experience of divorce as “messy, stressful, overwhelming and exhausting because there are so many important decisions you have to make that will impact on your short-term, medium-term and long-term stability and sense of security.”

Themes of the weekend include helping you find the best legal path and facing your finances. Jo explained how she wanted “our retreats to be safe places to explore, make friends and find a community of like-minded people going through the same experience”

Also included in the weekend is advice on handling all aspects of parenting and co-parenting positively. Jo added “we will be offering valuable impartial advice and will share our own suddenly single journey to help others avoid the traps around becoming single”

The weekend will set you back £597, something some recent divorcees may find difficult, the price does include luxury accommodation, all meals, access to workshops and 1-1 advice from Sue, Nicky and Jo.

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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