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Subjectivity: Marriage – Lifelong Plan or Business Scam

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Subjectivity: Marriage – Lifelong Plan or Business Scam

In a time where sharing an innocent opinion via our digital world can result in being a victim of trolling, are events, such as those offered by SubjectivityUK, the safest place for freedom of speech? We at Amor think so….
Thursday 8th December saw the grand finale of the SubjectivityUK events with their impressive Marriage: Lifelong Plan or Business Scam debate.
The show consisted of an interactive and engaging topical debate teamed with games and performances.
SubjectivityUK saw 200 people under one roof discussing the controversial and provocative question, is marriage a life long plan or a business scam? The event was a wedding themed night of fun, revelation, and healthy debate in a safe and unjudgmental environment. Participant joined in on the fun of calculating their imaginary weddings, informed of statistics on why marriages fail and educated on statistics regarding marriage. A statistic that stood out for me was the correlation between the more you spend on the wedding, equals to the less likely you will remain in the marriage…Wow!

SubjectivityUK is a growing community platform, founded by ‘LionHeart’ & Charles ‘Rare Thoughts’. Their aim for the series of events is to create a safe and respectful place for people who want to listen and be heard, to not only find answers but to provide questions that make us think differently – this was evident through out the evening. Hats off to the SubjectivityUK team, for pulling off such a healthy but yet respectful debate. A great evening, can’t wait to see what topics they will explore in 2017.

For more info and to keep up to date with future events, visit their accounts:

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Web

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