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STRONG by Zumba


STRONG by Zumba

Have you tried Zumba before? Did you enjoy it?
STRONG by Zumba has launched its new fitness concept in the UK.


What is STRONG by Zumba? A HIIT-style cardio and bodyweight training programme where every move is synced to the beat of the music.

Who’s behind it?  Team GB athlete Perri Shakes-Drayton and  Made in Chelsea star and personal trainer Ryan Libbey.

The result… one-hour workout that focusses on training to the tempo through a fully immersive group fitness experience. 

Recent studies have shown that moving in sync with music allows the body to use energy more efficiently as well as distract people from pain and fatigue, elevate mood, increase endurance and promote metabolic efficiency. Participants of STRONG by Zumba are more likely to do more burpees, squats and lunges in each class, reaching their fitness and body transformation goals quicker.

Perri Shakes-Drayton said,

“Music is key to any training I do. It gives me that extra boost to push me through the pain barrier! That’s why I was so drawn to STRONG by Zumba. Because it’s a HIIT-style workout synced to music, it’s different from anything else I’ve tried. Its surprisingly challenging and great fun!”

Ryan Libbey added,

“I’m a big fan of HIIT workouts – for myself and for my clients – but this is something completely new for me. It’s a tough workout and the role the music plays in driving you to do more is really evident when you’re reaching exhaustion – you just seem to be able to keep going.”

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