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Started from The Bottom Now They’re Here


Started from The Bottom Now They’re Here

As International Women’s Day approaches it seems fitting to mention Viola Davis’s storm to the top, following her Oscar win.

The Fences star took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, making her the first black actor to win the ‘triple crown’ of acting — Oscar, Tony, and Emmy.

But, Davis, who’s emotional acceptance speech brought many in the audience to tears, has not got to where she is easily.

Born to a civil rights activist mother, Davis was imprisoned with her mother at the age of two following a civil rights protest.

Describing herself as having “lived in abject poverty and dysfunction” during her childhood, and living in “rat-invested and condemned” apartments, it is spectacular that Davis has got to where she is today.

From 1996, where she made her first screen debut, to her new Oscar, the actress’ career is definitely something to commend.

But it’s not just Viola Davis who has overcome great obstacles to achieve what she has, many other famous women have been through hell to become the inspirations we know them as today.

Take Oprah Winfrey, she was born into poverty to a teenage single mother. The TV host and business women has spoken out about being raped at age nine and giving birth at age fourteen.

But, Winfrey is often hailed as a shining example of a “rags to riches” story, and has soldiered on to become the celebrated woman — with a net worth of £2.3 billion — we know today.

Another heroin we all admire is Demi Moore who was raised in a trailer park by an alcoholic mother and abusive step-father.

At aged 16 Moore dropped out of school and joined Elite Modelling Agency, she later pursued her dream and became an actress. She is now worth £121 million

And finally, we may know JK Rowling as the inspiring and glamourous Harry Potter author, but she hasn’t always been that way.

She started out as a struggling, single mother living off benefits and began writing Harry Potter on a train journey in 1991, following her mother’s death. Now her Wizarding World has made her one of the richest women in the world.

Words: Maddie Milton

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