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So Me Beauty Review


So Me Beauty Review


 So Me Beauty
Address: 43 St Johns Road, Clapham Junction, London SW11 1QW
020 3441 4450
Instagram | Twitter | Website
Photos : Kate Nielen Photography

I very recently had the opportunity to visit So Me Beauty, a health and wellness salon located in Clapham for a forty five minute massage.

On arrival I was offered a seat in the small reception area and had just a few moments to take in the ambience of the salon, which was one of natural calm, unfussy reception staff dealt with my booking and a moment later my masseuse greeted me cheerily from the stairway.

I was shown to a small massage room, which was very clean and pleasantly scented and offered a choice of massage. I selected a Swedish massage based on my personal needs.

I received a full 45 minutes of what felt like undivided attention! The massage was good. I felt good. It was over all too soon…. I remained in the room for a few minutes to dress, drink some water and collect my thoughts….. Fabulous!

Highly recommended.

Jackie Jones


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