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Seaweed Skin Sensation


Seaweed Skin Sensation



Ladies, the search for effective skincare has come to an end!

Since my teenage years, I have been on a seemingly impossible mission to find skin products that compliment and care for my combination skin. Only last month, I discovered The Body Shop’s Seaweed skin care range for combination/oily skin as a hidden miracle worker.

Seaweed is very beneficial to the skin because it draws all its nourishment from the sea. Meaning it’s rich in minerals and vitamins which stimulate renewal of damaged skin cells and also protects against later damage. The mineral content of some seaweed is a mind blowing 80%. This makes it the perfect active ingredient to condition and detox the skin by drawing out excess oils and other impurities on the surface.

According to The Body shop, the bladderwack seaweed they use grows wild in clean waters off the south-west coast of Ireland.

I decided to purchase the pore-cleansing facial exfoliator to use alongside the mattifying gel cream. Both of them have that lovely mild, musky, fresh smell.

Seeing as skincare experts say seaweed can be used as a natural exfoliator to remove dead skin cells which can block pores, the exfoliator had high expectations with me. It promised to remove dead skin cells, refresh, and rebalance oils. I can say the pore-cleansing facial exfoliator actually exceeded my expectations.

It’s a very gentle but effective exfoliator. Also unlike some scrubs, it doesn’t strip away natural oils to leave skin dry and irritated and your face sore and throbbing. After the first use at night, the next morning my face appeared brighter and smoother, I was thrilled to bits.

Then the gel cream; I use this after the washing off the exfoliator. It has a cooling effect and an extremely lightweight, gel-like consistency which is quickly absorbed into skin, so you only need to apply the tiniest amount. It basically does what it says on the tub. Its gives a matte, shine free, complexion instantly. I found this great because it meant I could wear it under my makeup to help balance any oil build-up throughout the day. It doesn’t overwhelm the skin with moisture, so I guess it’s the perfect cream if you have oily skin.

Over the past month, since I started using these two amazing products, my skin doesn’t look, but is noticeably healthier, radiant and oil free of course. Surprisingly, all of this comes at an affordable price. I’m so hooked I’m going to add the oil-balancing toner and try the oil-balancing clay mask for relaxing nights in the bath.

I would recommend this range to absolutely everyone with oily skin and a must-try for those with combination skin.

Written by Fiona Bigirwenkya

Edited by Jasmin Woodward

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