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Seaweed and algae ingredients in skincare products has been something that has been highly spoken about, however I must admit I was rather skeptical to the benefits before I tried some products which includes the magic ingredient!

There are so many benefits to using Seaweed and algae in your everyday skincare routine. First of all, Algae is an antioxidant, meaning it protects your skin from premature ageing. It can help your skin feel softer, smoother and more hydrated. Most importantly it’s natural, which I personally love!

The first product I tried was the Super Facialist ‘Miracle Makeover Facial Oil‘ which is £14.99 and can be bought at Boots stores or on the Boots website here.

It’s highly nourishing and really helped boost my skins hydration. I have very sensitive skin and it helped with some of the dry problem areas that I have, so I would highly recommend it for that. It is formulated with Avacado and Carrot oils which are both rich in vitamins as well as containing the soothing brown algae.

I used it before cleansing my skin. I rubbed it on in circular motions all over my face before wiping with a flannel and starting my skincare routine.

The second product I tried was the Anthony ‘Blue Sea Kelp Body Scrub’ it costs £28.00 and can be bought from Space NK and Harrods.

It has a deep cleansing formula which exfoliates skin as well as nourishes.

The majority of scrubs I have personally tried has been harsh on my skin however this one wasn’t. My skin was left feeling very smooth and polished.

It deep cleans, removes dead skin cells, helps with achieving an skin even tone and prepares the skin for moisturiser.

The Goldfaden MD ‘Doctor’s scrub’ retails for £65.00 and can be purchased from Cult Beauty, Space NK as well as at The scrub is a daily facial exfoliator which adds hydration, removes dead skin cells and leaves you with brighter healthier skin.

It contains powerful ruby crystals which provides cell renewal and polishes away dead surface cells. Ruby Crystals is known as one of the most valuable mineral crystals that can be applied to the skin. The shape makes them the perfect exfoliating crystals and using the scrub I felt I was using a little bit of luxury each day.

It also includes Organic Red Tea Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and of course Seaweed Extract.

Last but not least the final product I tried was the H2 Elemental Energy Hydrating Cloud Cream. It retails for £69.00 and is available to buy from Harrods and 

When I first applied the product I realised where the name came from, it’s so light and airy when applying it but has the effect of a rich moisturiser. It’s designed for all skin types which is great for my dry and sensitive skin.

Here are some of the benefits:

It leaves even really dry skin feeling renewed. Helps prevent loss of moisture by drawing moisture from the air. Fragrance-free, gentle and lightweight formula.

Straight away I felt the benefits of the cream on my skin and I would definitely recommend this product.



Written by Jasmin Woodward


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